Monday, August 20, 2018

Is there any Internet Marketing guru who would be happy if I promoted his successful internet money maker?

Is there any Internet marketing guru who would be happy if I promoted his successful internet money maker?
As long as you are a genuine internet marketing guru, webmaster or seo specialist with your genuine money making internet or ecommerce business, I would be happy to start learning from your experience and knowledge by simply promoting your successful online money making system and of course making my money out of it.
Please, understand I am an absolute beginner (not a fool though) in this field and tell me what you have to offer and how we could start working and making money together.
Many Thanks and God Bless!
After studying Internet marketing for over 2 years I will be tell you this…

Go to & and figure out your niche, & your passion. Read and listen to others there.Pick 1 or 2 IM Gurus and listen and follow them.

Then JV (Joint Venture) with others that need your help.
You are called a "newbie" take one step at a time…because it is a big learning curve. Enjoy the day!

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